Here at Little Acorns Playschool, we run a child development program designed to take your child through early perceptual motor development.  The program is also geared to coach parents on the sequential nature of developmental stages and how to fully explore each stage.


Since a child learns through touch and movement, a wonderland has been created in which your child is exposed to a variety of tactile experiences and can then explore the wide range of movement activities and equipment.


The sessions also include a music time where simple repetitive songs and instruments provide a fun filled learning experience.



The Activity Workshop is concerned with your child’s:


  • Body and spatial awareness        

  • Directional development

  • Language development                

  • Fine and gross motor development

  • Social development                        

  • Visual and auditory perception

  • Sensory motor integration            

  • Tactile stimulation

Workshops for Moms and Toddlers