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From early years I had a love for movement and dance. Becoming a national and modern dance instructor, I taught movement and dance for many years in different countries and schools including my most rewarding time at Camp Hill village, both in South Africa and Sweden, working with mentally handicap children and adults. I also have a diploma in art and printing which I mostly used for self expression. After the birth of my daughter, while teaching at Michael Oak School in Cape Town I completed my training in Hath Yoga and Remedial Yoga. I taught at the Ananda Kutir Yoga Center for a few years and started the first “yoga for children” group the center open.

Being a mother and working with children has opened my eyes (and heart) to the ease in which children are able to use their bodies in self expiration. My marriage to a full time artist as well as my own “playing with art” led me to use movement and different art and crafts with my own child. I noticed the ease in which she and her friends enjoyed exploring those self-expression methods and, often through this and free play, resolved problems, worries and fears they may have had. They also learned social skills and their own strengths by being allowed to explore those activities. This created a hunger in me to be able to teach children also on cognitive level. I believe that a relaxed and confident child is able to achieve much regardless of family back ground.

SO in 1988 I completed my 4 years studies of pre- primary and foundation phase education with an additional year of FDE- Art teaching. I worked if few school in Cape Town teaching mostly movement and art. Again I noticed the need to install at a grass root level from birth the sense of self worth and that we ALL are able and clever in some way. This lead me to what I do today- Workshops for Parents and Babies/ Toddlers.

In my workshops, which started 13 years ago, I aim to empower the parents and support them to spend uninterrupted time giving the child unconditional attention and love as I believe it is vital for feeling of security, confidence and self-esteem which leads to a confidence child, curious to learn new skills. I my aim is to provide the parents with ways to interact with their children, discovering together their abilities. For me it is not about how able or clever the child is but WHAT kind of able he or she is!

I also aim to provide a space within today’s busy and demanding life where parents meet and make new friends while the little ones learn to socialize and explore in a safe environment.

This year I am introducing one-on-one counselling for children using play therapy techniques to support parents with specific concerns for their children


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